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Wrist wraps are intensely personal – everyone has a favorite design. We think we’ve nailed the perfect wrap. RockWrists are supportive enough to help with your PR, yet minimal enough that they fade away during a WOD. The polyester fabric provides 10% stretch and secures with hook and loop.

Competition Grade

We don’t mess around with the construction of these wrist wraps. Strings won’t break – elastic won’t become brittle. A small 10% stretch keeps them secure and comfortable.

Wrists Need Support

We’re not saying your wrists are weak – far from it. But they do need extra support during heavy lifts – especially overhead – and wrists injury can stop your training cold.

One Size Fits Most

Length - 22"
Width - 2.5"


UPC - 799418004150

Reviews (6)

Amazing support!!

Written by on 15th Mar 2017

My wrist started to bother me a couple months ago while doing certain exercises, limiting me on how much I can push myself. After wearing rocktape wrist wraps, I have no problems pushing my workouts to the max!! Thank you rocktape

I love these!

Written by Ddz on 7th Mar 2017

I wear these every day! To the gym and to work! I work in a factory and and lift things all day long and these really take the strain off the wrist!

Like giving u extra strength!

Written by undefined on 31st Jan 2017

Amazing!! I love my wrist wraps! They give me the support I need to perform at my best!! Nothing to hold me back now!! :-)

Great quality

Written by Ashley Pritchett on 19th Sep 2016

I've been powerlifting for a little over a year now and working on Olympic lifting for 8 or so months and have only just decided to get wrist wraps now that my numbers are going up. I needed more support for my wrists and these did just that! Great quality feel and gets the job done.

Amazing product-amazing service

Written by undefined on 18th Apr 2016

I can't say enough about the style and quality of these wrist wraps. I had a minor issue with my first pair and I was bummed because I loved them and I received such great customer service and was able to get another pair right away. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Great, high quality wrist support!

Written by John H. Brown Jr. on 15th Feb 2016

I've tried the cotton wraps and they work good, but loosening, tightening, or repositioning them can be a chore. I then tried the elastic type with velcro and a thumb loop to hold in place; The velcro makes it much easier to adjust the straps, but the elastic material doesn't feel as supportive as the cotton (I try to make up for this by making the wrap EXTRA tight), and the thumb loop can be irritating on some lifts, especially if it doesn't remain flat and rolls over on itself several times. The Rock Tape RockWrist takes the best of both of these products and eliminates most of their pitfalls. Trying on the wraps for the first time out the box, I noticed the difference IMMEDIATELY. The supports are made of high quality material that doesn't snag on the velcro and provides EXCELLENT wrist suport, giving little way. The elastic loop does not go around your thumb, but your wrist. This helps hold the wraps in place without it putting pressure on the area between your thumb and index finger, eliminating the irritation on some lifts. Loosening, tightening, and adjusting the RockWrists is made easier from the velcro; I could easily readjust them in between exercises during a WoD. I highly recommend these to anyone that's tried all kinds of wrist wraps and has yet to find one that suits them. These will be the last pair you'll ever try!

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