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Same awesome tape, different way to use it. Our HookGrip tape provides pre-cut strips sized to protect weightlifters thumbs when using the *hookgrip technique. We’ve taken a standard 5cm (2”) x 5m (16’) roll of RockTape and pre-cut 32 150mm strips that easily tear off for quick use. That means less time taping, and more time lifting!


5cm (2”) wide to fit all thumbs
32 strips = 16 lifting sessions
No hassle, pre-cut 150mm/6” strips for quick and easy application


Approved for use in all competition as long as the tip of the thumb is exposed
Protects thumbs and provides increased grip during high volume barbell lifts

*Hookgrip: A method of holding a barbell by gripping the thumb between the barbell and the remaining fingers, thereby making the grip strong when performing heavy load lifts.

Reviews (4)

Best snatch accessory ever!

Written by PT on 6th Mar 2017

Love my digits to only apply the best

No Slip!

Written by Megan on 13th Dec 2016

I've used all types of athletic tape for my thumbs when doing a lot of barbell movements because my hook grip kills my thumbs and they always slip off after a while. When I used the RockTape HookGrip tape there were no issues whatsoever. It did not slip at all and I could have continued doing plenty of barbell movements without the tape budging. Thanks!

Best there is

Written by Allison on 28th Sep 2016

Way better than normal tape and leaves far less thumb bruising. The ease of the pre-cut strips saves time and the hassle of looking for scissors. For the same price, why wouldn't you go for it?

Won't lift without 'em!

Written by John Hawkins on 7th Dec 2015

Once I started using a hook grip for my lifts, I was losing skin on my thumbs pretty much every session. I used chalk and tried gloves, but none of it felt as natural or protected as well as Hook Grip tape. Can't recommend this product high enough!

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